We provide Targeted Case Management for adults and children. We pride ourselves on providing services and advocating for the individuals we serve!

Targeted Case Management

Case management services shall assist the person and the person's support network to identify, select, obtain, coordinate, and use both paid services and natural supports that are available to that person to enhance the person's independence, integration, and productivity consistent with the person's capabilities and preferences as outlined in the person's person-centered support plan.


Including an ongoing process for the identification of the person's needs, the determination of a person's preferred lifestyle, and the resources that are available to the person, through both formal and informal evaluation methods.

Resource Gathering

Arranging for and securing supports outlined in the person's person-centered support plan; developing and accessing natural supports and generic community support systems, including pursuing means for gaining access to needed services and entitlements, and seeking modification of service systems when necessary to increase the accessibility to those systems by the person.

I.E.P Meetings

Providing assistance to the person in being knowledgeable about the types and availability of community services and support options, in receiving information regarding the rights of persons served pursuant to the developmental disabilities reform act and implementing regulations, the content of which shall be approved by the commission, and in obtaining the community services and supports of the person's choice.

Support planning

With the participation of the person and the person's support network, including the development or assistance in the development, updating, and reviewing of the person's person-centered support plan and any related service or support plan, building upon assessment information to assist the person in meeting the person's needs and achieving the person's preferred lifestyle.

Monitoring and follow-up

Including ongoing activities that are necessary to ensure that the person-centered support plan and related supports and services are effectively implemented and adequately addressing the needs of the person.
Our aim has always been to facilitate maximum independence, to offer thoughtful and caring support or behavioral coaching when needed, and always to treat the people we serve with dignity and respect. We deal with a unique gamut of issues, including: behavioral, medical, educational, employment, mental health, relationship building, housing, accessing benefits, and negotiating the legal system. Our service coordinators are caring, responsive, and attuned to social needs. Our service coordinators work as a collaborative team. With our diversity of prior work experience and educational backgrounds, we offer special expertise in many areas such as autism, probation and legal problems, mental illness, medication, family systems, and aging.

Targeted Case Management

What is a service coordinator?
Service coordinators help you get access to the best possible supports and services available. From developing your person-centered support plan to assisting you in obtaining benefits, we work to individualize these services to better meet your support needs or desires. We do not provide services, such as work, a place to live, financial support, transportation, therapy, training, or medical help. We do help you get those services when you need them. We are here to support you through any changes you make to your services.
What is independent service coordination?
We are an independent agency, unaffiliated with any service providers. Our service coordination goal is to fit services to you rather than to plug you into existing services. And since the only service we provide is service coordination, there is no other service we will try to "sell" you.
Who chooses my service coordinator?
Your service coordinator is selected based on your needs and preferences. You form a partnership with your service coordinator and others important in your life to identify your needs and reach your expectations. Your personal choices are respected and prioritized when possible.
Who is eligible to receive service coordination?
Anyone who qualifies for services from a community developmental disabilities organization (CDDO) is eligible for service coordination. Serenity Case Management, service coordination is affiliated with the following CDDOs:

How much does it cost?
Serenity Case Management, charges an hourly fee for service coordination. In most cases, this fee is covered by Medicaid. For those who do not have a medical card (Medicaid) or who become ineligible, our fee is calculated using a sliding scale based on household income.
Independent living counseling is available to participants in the Kansas WORKS program. The Serenity offers a range of supports to assist consumers in setting up and coordinating their own services.

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