About Us

We provide Targeted Case Management for adults and children. We pride ourselves for providing services and advocating for the individuals we serve!


Conflict free case management

– Case management consists of services which help beneficiaries gain access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services. – “Targeted” case management services are those aimed specifically at special groups of enrollees such as those with Intellectual/ developmental disabilities or chronic mental illness. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), case management services must be “conflict free”, which has the following characteristics:

  • Separation of duties – freedom from coercion – Separation of case management from direct services provision – Separation of eligibility determination from direct service provision
  • Free from potential conflicts – No method to coerce, incentive, or steer individuals towards or away from certain choices (such as self-referral, referral to parent/sister company for services, etc.) – Anyone conducting evaluations, assessment and the plan of care cannot be related by blood or by marriage to the individual or any paid caregiver.
  • Case managers do not establish the levels of funding for the individual or try to influence the individual’s choice of qualified providers/access to services

List of our Staff

Elizabeth Barkley

Targeted Case Manager

Elizabeth Barkley is the founder and Executive Targeted Case Manager for Serenity Case Management. She has been working in the I/DD field since 2011 and started Serenity in April 2018. “I have a strong foundation of family, faith, and love for all creatures. Targeted Case Management allows me to advocate for those who can’t, and it has made me a better mother to my own children. I am totally consumed with the friends that I have made along the way! I cherish the memories, the tears and all the many, many laughs along the way.”

Traci Hower

Chief Financial Officer

Shauna Thompson

Office Admin

Amber Brewster

Targeted Case Manager

I received an Associates degree in Art at Allen County Community College and I have a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas. I have been a licensed social worker for 9 years, with a background in working with children and families. I have been working with persons with IDD needs for approximately 2 years now. I enjoy working with people and love being able to assist and give back to my community. Helping people that are in need is my goal and passion. My family and giving back to my community are the most important things in my life; I am honored to be a part of the Serenity Case Management Team.

Diana Jauregui-Smith

Targeted Case Manager

I have worked in the IDD field for over 5 years and Heath care field for over 15 years. I enjoy working with people with disabilities and their families. Helping people with IDD has always been a passion of mine. I have experience working in a Day Service program as well as residential. I received an Associates of Arts degree from Johnson County Community College. I also have a Medical Interpreters Certification from Johnson County Community College and Children’s Mercy Hospital. My faith and being able to serve the community are two things that are important to me. My personal goal is to make a difference daily in someone’s life. I am excited to be a part of the Serenity Case Management family.

Veronica Snider

Targeted Case Manager

Hi there! My name is Veronica Snider, and I am a new Targeted Case Manager for Serenity. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work in the IDD field. I started in the field when I was in college and found that connection and passion to serve the IDD population. I have over 20 years experience in providing social services in many roles which has given me a very colorful career experience over the years. I have over 14 years of experience with the HCBS waivers in Kansas. 7 years as a service provider primarily in residential services where I became a supervisor. I also have 7 years experience as a Targeted Case Manager. In between those 7 year stretches I took a position as a Permanency worker in the child welfare system, both as a Family Support Worker and as the Adoption Specialist. I worked for the child welfare contracting agency, assisting children and families in the reintegration process. In both positions I worked with children on the IDD waiver, setting up services and transitioning them into adult services. As a targeted case manager this became a special niche for me. I assisted numerous children and service providers through the confusing process of this transition.

Jenny Broyles

Targeted Case Manager

Hi My name is Jenny Broyles and my passion is helping those in need. I have worked in the I/DD world for 9 years now and absolutely love every minute of it. I have worked on the direct support side in residential, a job coach, special Olympics cheer leading coach and also a day program instructor. I am excited to learn the behind the scenes of what goes into gaining services for our clients. I also am excited to learn all the ins and outs that can help all 6 of my amazing kiddos. Looking forward to working for Serenity and making a difference!

Beth Gilbert

Targeted Case Manager

Beth Gilbert graduated from Washburn University in 2016 with a degree in Social Work. She has worked with children in foster care for the past five years providing case management. Beth has a passion for working with the I/DD clients which started when she was younger and worked as an attendant for a young boy with Downs Syndrome. “Every client is unique and deserves to be treated as such. I want to give quality care to each individual I work with. I am very excited to be working with Serenity and serving the Shawnee County area.”

Sandy Wood

Targeted Case Manager

Sandy Wood graduated from Ottawa University with a Psychology Degree. She has 33 years of working with children. Her passion for I/DD developed when her brother was born with Down syndrome in 1970. “I have a large blended family including 4 grandchildren. My goal is to make a difference with each client. It has been a blessing to be a part of a Case Management team for I/DD that is unique with passion, heart and a commitment that focuses on the clients we serve.”

Ciera Guerrero

Targeted Case Manager

I earned a degree from KU in 2015 with an emphasis on Social Services and Psychology as well as a certificate in Service Learning. I then volunteered as a literacy teacher for k-2 through AmeriCorps in Kansas City, MO where my enthusiasm for working with people grew. From there I relocated and worked in the Youth Services and Case Management division on the Coast of Oregon for 2 years until eventually finding my way back to Kansas. Shortly after I had the privilege of accepting a position at Serenity Case Management as a Targeted Case Manager where I’m excited to build on my skills and expand my knowledge in I/DD services. When I’m not working, I love traveling, spending time outdoors with my dog, tending to my plants, and enjoying a good Netflix series.

Rachel Drew

Targeted Case Manager

My name is Rachel Drew, I'm a TCM with Serenity Case Management. Over the last ten years I have worked in a variety of social service positions with different populations. I utilize the experiences I have gained from those positions combined with my educational background in psychology to advocate for our clients. Working with this population has truly been the most rewarding of my social service career. I feel honored to be able to make a contribution in the lives of others.

Paige Reynolds

Targeted Case Manager

I graduated from The University of Kansas in 2020 with a BS in Applied Behavior Science specializing in adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. I worked with Goodlife Innovations Inc. in their residential settings as a Direct Support Professional for five years while obtaining my degree. My love and passion as an advocate for the IDD/ASD community has led me to Serenity Case Management. Jumping in headfirst, I am ready to apply my education and experience in the position of Target Case Manager. My free time is spent binge watching my favorite television shows and listening to true crime podcasts.